Where it all begins – Under Construction

Welcome to my blog…Hello.

Some friends of mine convinced me to do this (I’m not sure I would still call them friends though, because this process has actually been quite nerve wrecking. And I’m still not 100% convinced). Soooo, this will be a place where I will hopefully post things going on in my head (I think for people to better understand a fraction of the weirdness that goes on in here), or things happening in my life presented in what I hope to be a humorous way. I’m currently a Stay-At-Home Mom/Executive/Domestic Goddess/DIYQueen/Violinist/Sometimes IT Engineer/Seamstress/Baker/ArtyCraftyFartyPerson/Sex Goddess (the last one courtesy of the husbender) so things will most likely revolve around surviving the fun-ness that is parenting, drinking Gin when it’s an appropriate time, tea when it’s not (I LOVE TEA, and Gin), and basically trying to make sure I can get my kids to adulthood as some days it seems like touch & go especially when we attempt crafts, with a smattering of other life stuff, some VIY & whatever other crazy stuff pops into my head.

This won’t be a post everyday kind of thing, but more like after agonizing whether I think it’s something viable whilst I shower/hang up washing/trip over toys/take toys to bin/change mind & take toys to where they belong, to write about then procrastinate for a few days, then finally sit down & start typing, then procrastinate some more, delete what I’ve typed, retype, agonize over how stupid I think it sounds and then finally post… you see it’s really a very long & complicated process :b But let’s see how it goes & be gentle with your comments (I actually have a rather fragile ego for all my MamaRaptorness), & I do love to add ness & ish to random words, it’s just who I am.

Ok, nitty gritty, we have 2 short people (i.e. Shorter versions of ourselves that we argue with on a regular basis) that live with myself & the husband (as well as 1 skittish cat, who loves me more than anyone else in the house #winning). They are “fondly” known as Mayhem (oldest, boy person at 5 going on drama Queen) & Chaos (youngest, girl person, aka Dive, 2 going on 45). Fondly is such a strong word. I love them to death but I’m under no false assumptions that they’re not a-holes. I like to have a realistic outlook on parenting. I’m not a “Oh my kids are the most wonderful darlings in the whole wide world”, because they’re not. They are definitely bright, strong-willed, spirited & ridiculously good-looking with curious & inquisitive natures, but they are also stubborn, annoying, oblivious & like to try and injure each other without warning. And I would like to try and capture the whole essence of them & life, & not just the amazing parts, because then that just makes the majority of other parents feel like a failure. And we’re not, our kids are just turds, and that’s OK, hopefully we’ll be able to make them less turd-ish by the time they’re adults.

So sit back, have a read, hopefully a chuckle & perhaps you’ll feel inclined to come back.

*Wow, that was long…sorry, not sorry?