That time I decided to de-clutter…

So, some many moons ago (probably a few weeks) a friend suggested I watch Julie & Julia…it was always on my “I’m-sure-I’ll-get-around-to-watching-it-someday-or-another-but-I’ll-probably-forget-until-someone-mentions-it” list.

It…was awesome, and I am currently on the hunt to locate my Grandmother’s small string of pearls to wear whilst doing Martha Stewart type things, which has inadvertently led me to a spring clean challenge (I like to think of it as THE PURGE…It must ALWAYS be spoken as if you are a pirate & about to descend into battle, with accurate facial expressions & the theme tune to Pirates of the Caribbean playing at a respectable level in your head. You may want to practice in the mirror. Savvy?) because I am unable to locate said pearls, or actually anything that has to do with anything for that matter! So instead of 524 recipes in 365 days I will be attempting to spring clean/de-clutter/PURGE my entire house in a minuscule 30 days (Utter madness. What is she thinking? Can it even be done?), well, it’s currently been broken down into all its little purgy parts, and our house is thankfully not super huge (although there are about 40 Cabinets/cupboards/drawers to sort through), but yet still big enough that a person is capable of shouting from one end of the house to the other because you’re just feeling too lazy to walk the 500 miles to said person you are shouting to.

In all things one needs the right tools, so armed with just my list, a camera, my PURGE buddy – you know, that person that will help keep you on track so you don’t fall off the PURGE wagon – possibly coveralls (who knows what dangers…or spiders, lurk in the abandoned crevices of the house) & a fully stocked tea cupboard I shall proceed into the unknown on the 5th of November at dawn. OK, not dawn…who gets up at dawn? Why is that even a thing? Is it even a thing? Anyway, we shall proceed at an hour that is more preferable for night owls, the keepers of the household, the ones who prevent everything from falling into perpetual chaos, aka once the short people have vacated the premises & the house has resumed to normal decibel levels, AAAAAAANNNND after I’ve picked up all the other crap, traps & surprises that will most likely have been left lovingly, or more likely who-gives-a-toss-ingly around the house for me to trip over. So probably around 7:30am.

Music! Almost forgot about the most important element of any spring clean/de-clutter/PURGE manoeuvre. One cannot simply proceed with any sort of clean-up operation without music. Doing so could lead to grievous mental injury, so do not attempt it (don’t even think about it).

So, if you’re feeling brave enough (& have a acquired your PURGE buddy) to join in here is a step-by-step list of how I shall be proceeding. Feel free to make your own challenge-thingy if you want to change things, swop days etc. as long as the end result remains the same: #ClearOutAllTheCrap #TakeNoPrisoners. Let’s begin, shall we?


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