That time of an attempted VIY (Vix-It-Yourself)

Required steps:

• Have an awesome coffee play date with a likeminded creative friend.

• Friend proposes awesome space-saving idea for aluminum foil & wax paper & such, using just a magazine holder (What!!! Just a magazine holder?! Yes, just a magazine holder, focus!). 

• Google potential places that may have these holders. 

• On the way home from coffee play date decide to quickly swing by a stationary shop with the short people, that should still be open, because it will bug you if you have to leave it until the next day & the shorts are game.

• Arrive at stationary shop with short people.

• Locate metal magazine holder 

• Attempt to not dry heave at the price (succeed), convince yourself that you’re doing the right thing & that the metal holder will last longer than it’s plastic rivals. 

• Take a moment to *dramatic pause* THINK OF THE CHILDREN (in this case the “children” being your kitchen drawer that will now have more space in it). 

• Make purchase.

• Congratulate yourself on well behaved short people. Enjoy a game of yes/no-which-cars-have-their-lights-on that the short people have just invented. 

• Find yourself 5 minutes away from home trying to maintain your cool whilst the short people have resorted to smacking each other & crying because the one does not agree with the other’s something-or-other statement which was probably pure drivel anyway & you cannot even remember what it was to begin with. 

• Arrive home & see husbander is already home. 

• Breathe a sigh of relief. 

• Short people also now happy (it helps when mommy has cleverly timed the arrival to be after daddy-home-time). 

• Place purchase on kitchen counter. 

• Some time much later (include supper eating, repeatedly asking short people to get pajamas on, a bucketload of kisses, tickles & giggles, sneaking out their room, some sketching, tea drinking & series watching) go to bed not having started the VIY, & now you can’t fall asleep because it’s annoying you, just sitting on that friggin counter, sending you irritating magazine holder thoughts. 

• Write blog post.

• Promise yourself: Tomorrow perhaps…