That time we made Flapjacks/Crumpets/Griddle Cakes

This…is THE ONLY flapjack/crumpet/griddle cake recipe you’ll ever need/want/have/make.

Ingredients: 1 cup of self raising flour, 1 egg, 1 cup of milk (no sugar, no salt, no worries). Including short people is compulsory. Makes about 20ish depending on how big you make them.

Let the shorts mix the ingredients (makes them really happy for some reason), add more milk or flour until you have a decent runnyish mixture (or until you’re happy with the consistency), & then if you have one add the mixture to a squeezy bottle (kind of like those old school red & yellow squeezy bottles, which you can still get as far as I know). Needs to be a screw top squeezy bottle otherwise you’ll end up with batter & the top part of your bottle in the pan (been there, done that). Heat pan. Squeeze out some batter. When you see many tiny bubbles (looks a little creepy if you’re that way inclined), turn over. Paranoid checking is welcome until the bottom side is also a nice golden brown, remove from pan.

Depending on the size of your pan you can usually do a few of these at the same time so as to prevent the short people from screaming that they haven’t been fed in the last 21 months. Don’t be afraid to experiment with shapes (the shorts will be in awe & crown you as their leader) unless you don’t handle well under the pressure of shape ideas being thrown at you from all directions.

Serve warm with a bit of syrup drizzled over (if you have more than one short make sure you give them both equal amounts of flapjacks AT THE SAME TIME to prevent war from breaking out in your living room area & having the house set on fire). I’m planning to attempt this again soon with some food colouring added…I might even let the shorts flip the flapjacks.

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