That time we made ninja stress balls

First official site post of the new year…would be great if someone could tell me where the time has gone. So anyway we’ve been allowing the short people to watch The King Of Random YouTube videos from time to time – honestly I’m loving all the crazy experiments, & the shorts too – & so a few weeks ago I felt brave enough to attempt one of their more crafty projects…enter the stress balls.

All you’ll need are some balloons (about 3 or 4 per ball), some flour (we used white bread wheat flour as I had some from my attempted bread making days, but cake or self raising should work too) , a decanting container (plastic honey bottle works great), a 500ml cool drink bottle cut in half (brain still says 500ml, it’s actually 440ml) – this gets inserted into the honey bottle (or whatever bottle you choose, not too big though. But I’ll keep referring to it as the honey bottle so as not to confuse myself, lol), scissors, some short people (i.e smaller, sometimes annoying, versions of yourself), a heap of patience, an area you don’t mind having covered in flour & probably a cup of tea (was too early for Gin).

So insert cut cool drink bottle upside down into honey bottle & pour in flour. Remove cool drink bottle whilst telling short people to remain patient & make sure all the flour is in the honey bottle. Stretch balloon neck over the opening of the honey bottle & turn upside down so the flour falls into the balloon – If you’re feeling courageous you can allow your shorts to attempt this. Then very carefully remove the neck of the balloon from the bottle. Gently squeeze the air of the balloon whilst still keeping the flour in the balloon (probably not a good idea to let the shorts do this part unless you want all surfaces to look like a flour bomb has gone off). When you are satisfied that you’ve removed all the air, carefully snip off the neck of the balloon (just above flour level). You can either now ask one of the excited shorts to hold the balloon whilst you snip off the neck of the other balloons or you can pre-snip the others beforehand (the last balloon you add will need to be snipped top, bottom & sides, preferably in a contrasting colour to the other balloons to really make it ‘pop’). You will now need to stretch the empty snipped balloon over the flour balloon, making sure you cover the opening of the flour balloon with the non flour balloon. If you want a really firm stress ball you can add another balloon before the final ninja touch otherwise go straight to gently stretching over the balloon with all the cut-outy parts.

Taaaa daaaaa! Now repeat making these until the short people are satisfied & leave you alone to drink your tea ๐Ÿ˜‰

*The oldest short loved his so much it made it to show & tell – proud mommy moment…These are also great if you’re looking for an inexpensive party favour idea.